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Make Strategic Decisions In Real Time

FirstRain Is An End-To-End Solution That Uses AI-Based AccountRank™ Technology To Create Alignment, Meet Goals

Uncover New Opportunities

FirstRain uses AI to sort through and organize massive amounts of information from reliable sources across the internet and social media. This information is then turned into actionable insights that enable you to find growing companies and discover new opportunities for your business.

No More Guessing

FirstRain’s AccountRank™ scores each of your accounts and prioritizes the accounts that are most likely to close with the least amount of time and effort. Your reps can see the account name, the AccountRank score, and the three highest-scored contacts for that account right in your Salesforce, making it easy for them to zero in on the most promising leads.

Pivot Toward Success

FirstRain monitors your target markets including web volume, search trends, topic spike, sentiment analysis, etc., as well as any changes within your accounts. Your team is then alerted to any critical shifts via email or app notifications, enabling them to intelligently adjust their strategy.

Outwit The Competition

FirstRain uses AI to scour all available information about your competitors from reputable, multi-lingual sources on the web and social media. The relevant information is deduplicated, verified, scored and turned into actionable data points that are delivered directly to your team members through the FirstRain platform.

With “What’s New,” “Management Changes,” “Key Developments,” “FirstReads,” “Influencers & Market Drivers,” “FirstTweets” and “Social Commentary” competitor panels setup by default within your FirstRain account, you’ll be able to easily keep an eye on your competitors and make informed decisions.

Never Get Caught Off Guard

FirstRain’s AccountRank™ Technology Helps You Stabilize Your Business And Lead With Vision

FirstRain’s market and competitive intelligence is second to none, providing valuable insights at all stages of the deal cycle and real-time visibility into sales, marketing, partners and supply chain risks. Your team will get early warnings of any changes that may threaten a deal or affect an account, with email or app notifications keeping them up-to-date. This enables your team to take proactive action – before an opportunity is lost or a relationship soured.

It’s Time To Close More Deals

Ready to see how FirstRain’s AI-powered AccountRank™ helps everyone on your sales team make quota?